Legislative Resources

Much of the impact we as individuals can make on legislation is by getting involved with our local and state level lawmakers.  These are the individuals who have the greatest chance of impacting our lives in terms of dog owning, breeding, training, and relationships with our Veterinarians.  To this end, a graph of the local issues from 2013. Below are resources to deal with these issues should they arise in our towns, counties and states.

local issues

Toolbox.  Each of these issues requires different responses.  In an effort to put all the information necessary to respond to proposed legislation in a timely manner, we list the issue, and linked to each issue will be:

  • A Position Statement
  • Templates of letters that may be used to address your legislator.  Some of these issues also have templates to address the media, letters to the editor
  • Brochures and Pamplets that may be printed or shared electronically
  • Supporting Information:  Research, Model Legislation, etc

Much of this information is taken directly from the AKC Government Relations pages

“Lines From Linda”, A Review of AKC Government Relations by Linda Ayers Turner Knorr 2016

Introductions, How To Communicate

  • Sample Letter To Your Veterinarian  From NAIA Site.  Download the text of this letter (cut and paste the text into your document) and use it as a framework for writing a personal letter to your own veterinarian.
  • Sample Letter to Your Legislator   This template provides a general guideline for a letter of congratulations/introduction to your representatives following their election. This letter may be altered for state representatives, governors, local officials and other office holders. This letter may be emailed, printed and mailed, or for maximum effect, consider writing it neatly by hand on nice stationery and mailing or hand-delivering it your representative’s office.  If you are writing on behalf of your club, consider including a page or two that briefly outlines the good things your club does in the community.
  • How to Effectively Communicate With Your Legislator  (flyer)

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