COVID Requirements and Safety Procedures

Exhibitors must abide by NYS regulations for COVID and Doggie U
safety procedures. Any exhibitor found in violation of these rules
will be asked to leave the show site. In such case, no refund of any
fees paid will be made.

All entries must include a signed THKC COVID-19 Protocol Pledge.
Masks are to be worn while inside DU including the ring area as
well as the front parking area. Social distancing is to be maintained
at all times.

Each exhibitor will have his/her temperature verified before entry to
DU and a wristband will be issued allowing entrance to DU.
No guests or spectators allowed inside DU.

In addition to the ring crew and trial committee, only the exhibitor
in the ring and a second in the waiting area will be allowed in the
ring room. Entry and exit areas are for dogs and handlers entering
and exiting the ring and not for viewing or videotaping. No one will
be allowed in rung area to videotape any runs.

Properly distanced chairs will be placed inside marked areas on
the floor for exhibitor use but are not allowed to be moved from
marked area. No other chairs allowed.

Inside crating will be allowed. Doggie U will place crates in crating
areas which can be used by exhibitors but cannot be moved.
Exhibitors may place crates in open areas. Exhibitors are not
guaranteed that a chair will be next to his/her dog’s crate.
No pop up tent crates allowed inside DU.

There will be a leash runner. Exhibitors will be allowed to put their
leash in a pocket or tied around their waist when in the ring.
Limited reserved parking will be available for those exclusively
working from their cars.

Pop up canopies and chairs will be placed in the front parking area
for exhibitor use

We are pleased to announce that for our 2022 Shows, we will welcome Exhibitors in Junior Showmanship Classes who show Canine Partners

Taconic Hills Kennel Club Supports 4H.  Our Westchester 4H Club is currently recruiting new members.


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