Taconic Hills Kennel Club

Meetings:   Wednesday, July 27 Meeting: Barn Hunt Practice    FMI: PMURPHYCPA@aol.com

Photos from our 2016 June Shows and Trials


Please mark your calendars, Taconic Hills Kennel Club has plans for 2016 !

July 27, 2016: Club Meeting and Barn Hunt Practice!

September 2, 3 & 4 - Agility trials at Doggie U in Bayshore, LI, NY

October 29 and 30 - Coursing Ability Test Middletown NY  Premium Now Available

November 12 and 13 Super Match, TDI, CGC and Barn Hunt trials

Working on herding practice.

Any questions email me at pmurphycpa@aol.com or call 914-393-0445.

we will need volunteers for the trials!


Photos From Our October 31 CAT were taken by Mark Baer  Some of the photos below were taken by Mark at previous CATs   Other work may be seen on his website: http://www.mlbaer.com/


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